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About Us

About Suriya Educational Academy

Suriya Educational Academy, Kumbakonam was established in 2016 and is approved by BSS, National Development Agency, Govt of India. The society regulate academics for Hospitality Management through structured courses of studies. Quality of education provided through the Institute helps, one to emerge as professional of top order for hospitality and other service sectors.

We are committed to providing a world-class quality learning experience, progressive in style and content, to individuals seeking careers in the hospitality sector. Within the span of only eight years, we have acquired a premier status, enabling quality professionals to meet the future challenges of the hospitality industry.

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"To develop an education system that caters the demand of the dynamic and liberalized world along with forming a chain to motivate and develop the entrepreneurial qualities among the candidates."

Thus, it is clear from the vision and mission of the institute that it to only focus in producing quality candidates but also aims at producing them at a global level where they will face international challenges along with higher degree of required knowledge and specialized skills.